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By Martin Preedy, Jun 9 2018 10:05AM

Q: what made you take up American Football?

A: My first year of university, my flat mate said he was going to try out for American Football so I tagged along to the try out. I was initially cut but joined the UWE Bullets the following year.

Q: what other sports do you play?

A: None as seriously as American Football, but I play 5-a-side football with some guys from work every week.

Q: When did you join the Bristol Aztecs and what position (s) do you play

A: I joined during my second year at university as a defensive end. Going into my fourth year as an Aztec I play all positions on the defensive line and offensive tackle too.

Q: what's the day job?

A: Software Designer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Q: were you surprised when you were selected as our first captain for the 2018 season and why do you think you were chosen?

A: Quite a bit, I'd been a captain before at my university team, but was surprised at the opportunity to be a captain for the Aztecs. I think my team first mentality and work ethic gave the coaches reason to chose me as a captain.

Q: What’s your Instagram address?

A: My Instagram is: felixdadodo

By Martin Preedy, May 12 2018 10:08AM

Aztecs hosting Bury Saints

The Aztecs season stands at 1-1 having lost the first one away and winning our home game v the London Olympians a couple of weeks ago. We are looking to maintain our home form with a win over the visiting Bury Saints.

Kick-off is at 14:30 and the event is free to attend for all supporters.

Coach Powles says “Bury have a lot of talent, some very good backs and receivers so we need to be ready to bring our A game. We played them twice last year, but every season is different. This is the next chance for us to keep getting better, we’re expecting a tough match.”

Bristol Aztecs hosting Bury Saints

Sunday 13 May – 2.30pm K.O 3G Pitch

Venue: SGS Wise Campus, Filton, Bristol BS34 8LP - Parking Charges apply

By Martin Preedy, May 11 2018 02:41PM

Q: What made you take up American Football

A: I’d always played rugby throughout school and needed a summer sport as I was never that into cricket. By chance there was one down the road, so I got into 5-a-side flag when I was 14 and then progressed from there.

Prior to arriving at university, the team president had contacted me about attending the returners trials during fresher’s week. Then when I got to university I had to make the choice between playing rugby and American Football as they trained/played on the same days. At freshers fair I found the American Football team to be much more welcoming than the rugby team.

Q: what other sports do you play

A: At the moment I don’t play any other sports. I played rugby whilst at school and tried polo at university. I also played squash to county level.

Q: When did you join the Bristol Aztecs and what position (s) do you play

A: I joined the Aztecs in 2016 after playing a season at Apache. I currently play LB but have played Safety for the Aztecs as well.

Q: what's the day job?

A: I’m an engineer for Hulley & Kirkwood based in Bristol.

Q: were you surprised when you were selected as our first captain for the 2018 season and why do you think you were chosen?

A: It was a bit of a surprise. I had taken on more of a leadership role towards the later end of last season and continued that into the pre-season this year.

I had previously been the captain of both university teams and the youth team I had started at. To be named captain here is a big step up and achievement to have.

Q: Are you on Social media?

A: I don’t use Twitter or Instagram, the only social media I really use is Facebook.

By Martin Preedy, May 8 2018 04:52PM

Today it is the turn of Emma Patterson

With 8+ years working in events management and a huge passion for American Football, Emma has taken on the role of Game Day Manager for the Bristol Aztecs in 2018.

Moving from London to Bristol, Emma wanted to get involved with Bristol teams and to meet more of the local football community. Her role involves liaising with the other team managers in the league to finalise game-day details and to arrange travel arrangements for the Aztecs for away games.

Emma found the Aztecs coaches and players to be really welcoming as soon as she made contact and would definitely encourage other women to become involved in the sport.

She would love to one day see a women's american football team formed in Bristol as the city has a huge passion for the sport.

By Martin Preedy, May 7 2018 10:36AM

Today it is the turn of George Mitchell who is our sports psycologyst and this is what he had to say:

Currently I am working with a couple of individuals within the Aztecs set up and will be working with the team throughout the rest of this season. These individuals have approached me and have shown a desire to improve their mental game.

If you think about your own personal game / goal in life, a sports psychologist can enhance your psychological readiness and psychological well being and also provide a foundation to increase or maximise opportunities to experience optimal performance based on the needs of the client. Within the next few years sport psychology will play a more pivotal role in sports teams and with athletes and it has been a rewarding start to see the positivity shown by Coach Powles and the team.

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