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Bristol Amzons are here

By Martin Preedy, Mar 8 2019 11:01AM

The Bristol American Football organisation grows ever larger and stronger. Did you know that our new women’s team the Amazons, have been formed and are training every week at the Wise Campus in Filton? Today is International Women’s Day so it’s a great opportunity to find out more.

The Amazons are led by Emma Paterson and here’s what she had to say:

“Continuing on from the success of the Aztecs and Apache men's teams, Bristol Football decided to establish the Bristol Amazons Women's American Football team in 2019. Whether you have knowledge of the sport or not, we welcome adult women to come along and get involved. The beauty of American Football is that it takes a team of all sizes to win and there really is a position for anyone.

We are an inclusive, positive group of people who encourage each other to progress each week. The Amazons are aiming to develop an experienced team who will take part in the next Sapphire series and complete in regular scrimmages against teams from nearby cities.

To celebrate International Women's Day, I encourage women to try a new sport this year, female players in the UK have gone on to coach in the NFL and play for women's teams across the pond and in Europe so the sky is now the limit.”

Emma has set up a Facebook Page for the Amazons and you can contact her there and follow the team’s progress. Search for Bristol Academy Amazon Women’s American Football Team

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