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A Q&A with Alex Gray whose one of our captains for 2018

By Martin Preedy, Jun 9 2018 10:05AM

Q: what made you take up American Football?

A: My first year of university, my flat mate said he was going to try out for American Football so I tagged along to the try out. I was initially cut but joined the UWE Bullets the following year.

Q: what other sports do you play?

A: None as seriously as American Football, but I play 5-a-side football with some guys from work every week.

Q: When did you join the Bristol Aztecs and what position (s) do you play

A: I joined during my second year at university as a defensive end. Going into my fourth year as an Aztec I play all positions on the defensive line and offensive tackle too.

Q: what's the day job?

A: Software Designer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Q: were you surprised when you were selected as our first captain for the 2018 season and why do you think you were chosen?

A: Quite a bit, I'd been a captain before at my university team, but was surprised at the opportunity to be a captain for the Aztecs. I think my team first mentality and work ethic gave the coaches reason to chose me as a captain.

Q: What’s your Instagram address?

A: My Instagram is: felixdadodo

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