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By Martin Preedy, Mar 8 2019 11:01AM

The Bristol American Football organisation grows ever larger and stronger. Did you know that our new women’s team the Amazons, have been formed and are training every week at the Wise Campus in Filton? Today is International Women’s Day so it’s a great opportunity to find out more.

The Amazons are led by Emma Paterson and here’s what she had to say:

“Continuing on from the success of the Aztecs and Apache men's teams, Bristol Football decided to establish the Bristol Amazons Women's American Football team in 2019. Whether you have knowledge of the sport or not, we welcome adult women to come along and get involved. The beauty of American Football is that it takes a team of all sizes to win and there really is a position for anyone.

We are an inclusive, positive group of people who encourage each other to progress each week. The Amazons are aiming to develop an experienced team who will take part in the next Sapphire series and complete in regular scrimmages against teams from nearby cities.

To celebrate International Women's Day, I encourage women to try a new sport this year, female players in the UK have gone on to coach in the NFL and play for women's teams across the pond and in Europe so the sky is now the limit.”

Emma has set up a Facebook Page for the Amazons and you can contact her there and follow the team’s progress. Search for Bristol Academy Amazon Women’s American Football Team

By Martin Preedy, Aug 11 2018 04:12PM

There are two games left in the season and they involve away trips to both the teams who are below us in the league. Our target is to win both games and so finish the season on a 5 – 5 record. The Farnham Knights game will not be easy as they have beaten us before. This is our closest league fixture even though it involves a round trip of about 160 miles!

Coach Powles says “We have been playing the Knights for over 25 years, there is a lot of history so it’s always a game that means a lot to both teams. They have one of the best RB in the country and have just had a good win, so we expect a close game.”

Bristol Aztecs visiting Farnham Knights

Sunday 12 August – 2.30 pm K.O

Venue: Farnham Rugby Club, Monkton Lane, Farnham GU9 9ND Onsite parking is free and the game is on a 90-yard long grass field

By Martin Preedy, Jul 29 2018 02:30PM

In case you hadn't spotted it there is now a break from football as the 2018 European Group A Championships takes place in Finland. The GB Lions squad contains 45 players and here are the representatives from the Bristol Teams:

Edward Onamade - Defensive Back, Bristol Pride and Bristol Aztecs

Levi Smith - Offensive Linesman, Bristol Aztecs

Christian Sinnage - Offensive Linesman, Bristol Pride and Bristol Aztecs

Collins Nwaogu - Offensive Linesman, Bristol Aztecs

And former players of ours who are in the team are:

James Armah and Ben Ashby who both played for us in 2017

Ben Watkins, Thomas Campbell and Ashley Hopkinson from the the 2014 team

A massive congratulations to one and all. The first GB game is tonight when we play Finland. The KO is 8pm (BST) and here's a link for you to watch it: http://ifaf.yaretv.com/

The remaining scheduled GB game is v France on 31 July (8pm). Then on Saturday 4 August all the play-off games take place with the Final at 8pm.

By Martin Preedy, Jun 18 2018 11:27AM

Having played 5 games, we are now in the second half of the season with a record of won 2 and lost 3. All the losses are against the two teams who have a 100% winning record. It is now time to reinforce our home advantage with a win over the visiting Knights.

Kick-off is at 14:30 and the event is free to attend for all supporters.

Coach Powles says “Frustrating game last Sunday as I thought we played better than the first game, the first quarter was tight, the 3rd quarter was scoreless. We just allowed the game to get out of control in the 4th. I thought we tackled better and the Offense had some success, but we had some unfortunate turnovers and poor special teams play that gave the Blitz a short field and to their credit they took advantage. You just can’t make the mistakes we did against top teams.

But we can take some positives forward, we competed for large periods, and if we clean up the mistakes we know we can play to a high level. We are only half way through the season, so we have a lot of football ahead of us, we are still in good shape and our eyes are firmly pointed ahead.”

Bristol Aztecs hosting Farnham Knights

Sunday 17 June – 2.30pm K.O 3G Pitch

Venue: SGS Wise Campus, Filton, Bristol BS34 8LP - Parking Charges apply

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